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【50% off for last 3 days!】Cordless Electric Hair Split Trimmer

【50% off for last 3 days!】Cordless Electric Hair Split Trimmer Item NO.: HSP01

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Product Name 【50% off for last 3 days!】Cordless Electric Hair Split Trimmer
Item NO. HSP01
Weight 0.65 kg = 1.4330 lb = 22.9281 oz
Category Beauty > Hottest
Brand Misgift
Creation Time 2020-06-08

  • HEALTHY HAIR: The product ensures quick and easy removal of split or damaged hair tips. Split ends are the bane of hair management and trimming to maintain these healthy losses can be a real problem. If split and damaged ends are not cut, they will cause further damage as they continue to split up to the hair shaft. By trimming consistently, dull, damaged and lifeless hair can be revived to crown it.
Cordless Electric Hair Split Trimmer
Cordless Electric Hair Split Trimmer
Cordless Electric Hair Split Trimmer
  • SALON RESULTS AT HOME: No more weeks to wait for a hair appointment or worry that too much length will be cut off at home. The product uses its unique, patented technology to guide the strands of hair so that they flow evenly through the strand guards, while the blades cut off the unwanted ends and leave healthy strands of hair untouched. No more bowl cutting technology from mom's scissors.

  • FAST, SAFE, and EASY TO USE: Whether you're a salon professional or a busy mother, it's a quick, safe, and easy-to-use solution for managing and eliminating split ends. By simply dividing the hair into sections and running each section through the tool like an iron, you can quickly and safely remove the dead, damaged, and split ends. It's that simple. No more scissors, blades, or premature hair appointments.


1, Reversible one-way directional switch specifically designed for right or left user with LED light technology. The cut hair is stored in the hair chamber. Through the transparent window, you can see the trimmed hair, especially certain blades, to safely trim the ends of the hair.

Cordless Electric Hair Split Trimmer
Cordless Electric Hair Split Trimmer

2, Specially modified hair plate to safely guide the hair tips in a straight movement on the blades, only to shorten the ends and nothing else. On/off button to release the hair plate and snap-in rubber grip for comfort.

Cordless Electric Hair Split Trimmer

3, Here you can determine the length of the hair to be cut. The strand protection devices work together with the capillary plate to safely guide the strands of hair in a straight movement. The center of the iron controls the strands of hair in a perfectly straight position.

Package includes:

Simple Package

Cordless Electric Hair Split Trimmer

Set Package

Cordless Electric Hair Split Trimmer

Our product is in high demand! And the stock is limited!

statement: Many customers commented under our Facebook post, saying they were deceived on other websites. I am sorry for their experience. I hope God can punish those who are dishonest.

The only solution is to find the official Facebook, let them find out the company behind these scam sites, and let them make compensation, and get our money back.

This is one fake store, only sells $14.99!

Cordless Electric Hair Split Trimmer

Ship Guarantee: We ship true products!

Cordless Electric Hair Split Trimmer
Cordless Electric Hair Split Trimmer

Our store in Germany, has sold 4500 pcs these products!

Cordless Electric Hair Split Trimmer
Cordless Electric Hair Split Trimmer


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Hi i ordered one over a month ago and paid for express shipping and still have not recived it i still havent even got an email confirming my order is ready or on its way ????????
Service:Sorry, your order is #1913, and your tracking number is 4006318246116129, delivered by Canada Post. You can track it at Thanks!



I still didn't received my package yet. I how that this is not a scam.
Service:Sorry, your order is on the way. Your tracking number is 9261290989312320897334, delivered by FedEx.You can track it at

30 Days Ago


I was so scared that it would cut my hair! After using it for the first time, I couldn't believe the difference in my hair. I love it! I use it for my 3 girls and all my friends. Money well spent! Highly recommended! It is worth the money!

30 Days Ago


Excited to say that it does what it says on the tin! It cuts off the end of your hair without damaging the length. I wouldn't have called it the split ender because you assume that only the split ends are searched. Regardless, I had read the reviews before buying and knew what I was buying. It made 100% a small cut of my very thick blonde mane slightly peasy. Good product, plan to use it every few months to maintain firmness and softness at the ends of your hair. Suppose this is the reason for the name. There is no chance that split ends will occur. So, yes ok, Split Ender ... haha. Don't worry, it's easy to use and well done. If you hate paying a stylist, are busy, or both, this is something you will love to have in your beauty arsenal !!

30 Days Ago


Works perfect. Arrived today and I've already cut my hair. The hair feels smooth! I will recommend it. I just wish the description had a better picture. You can put mine instead. Hahahaha, thanks.

30 Days Ago


Good quality, fast shipping, well packaged.

30 Days Ago


Unfortunately, none of those payment options and I can choose to place an order with this one. A real shame.!!!!
Service:Sorry,we only support PayPal and credit card payment.

30 Days Ago


I just tried it and did a fantastic job. I felt a slight pull, but only if I put too much hair at once. So smaller sections are key and it's amazing. My hair felt very silky immediately after doing each section three times as instructed. I am very happy with it and plan to keep my haircut like this for a while as I try to grow my hair out.

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