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Waistmeup® Shapewear Chest Up for women

Waistmeup® Shapewear Chest Up for women Item NO.: 24966

US$ 99.99
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Product Name Waistmeup® Shapewear Chest Up for women
Item NO. 24966
Weight 0.6 kg = 1.3228 lb = 21.1644 oz
Category Beauty
Creation Time 2020-06-21

Waistmeup® design concept:
  • Local special adjustment product for chest lift
  • Manage free fat and improve chest line
  • Make the chest beautiful and firm, tighten the back line
  • Disperse shoulder and neck pressure, relieve muscle tension (remove)
  • Create an elegant "swan neck" bid farewell to "tiger back bear waist"


The natural power to shape beautiful bodies, soft and comfortable, gathered and shaped.

Seaalgea protein fiber
Extracted from 1/1000 of the extract from seaweed in the North Atlantic
Rare repairmen from the deep sea
Tighten skin, delicate and moisturizing, beautify texture

Combined with imported natural rubber
Soft and comfortable
The union of natural forces indulges in a wonderful shaping experience

Add DuPont Lycra Coarse Fiber
High elastic stretching, precise compression, precise withdrawal

Ingenious work, strict control of details
Deep U-shaped design gathers the breast, effectively lifts the chest, makes the chest more full and beautiful
Widened double shoulder straps High-elastic single-layer fabric structure Scattered trapezius muscles
Adjustable four-breasted buckle freely adjusted to meet your own needs


Q: After I give birth to my baby, can I wear the cardio support?
A: Of course! In fact, during postpartum breastfeeding, the chest needs management and protection, otherwise it may loosely sag and deform. During this period, you can fix your chest shape by beautifying the cardioid, beautify the shape of the chest, and assist in the recovery of your post-natal figure and become a beautiful hot mom!

Q: Can I put on the cardio support while sleeping?
A: Of course! When you urgently need to adjust your chest shape, with the super high comfort of the cardio support, you can continue to adjust the effect when wearing when sleeping, tighten the back meat, smooth body lines, not afraid of aliasing!

Q: Are there any precautions for putting on the cardioid while sleeping?
A: Wear the cardio support during sleep, you can not use it with the bra at the same time, please relax 1 to 2 breasts!

Q: Can I wear the cardio support while exercising?
A: Of course! The stabilization system of the cardiogram support can effectively resist shock, and can protect the chest muscles during exercise to prevent strain or contusion caused by the up and down shaking of the chest.

Q: Why is the cardiogram support widened bilateral shoulder strap?
A: Our trapezius muscle is always in operation in daily activities, and the amount of activity is very large. If you use a thin shoulder strap like a normal bra, it may be scratched and worn by the shoulder strap adjustment buckle, and it will also increase the double pressure on the trapezius muscle in the same part, which may cause discomfort around the shoulder.


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